Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adventure Time (Fan Art)

I am addicted to Adventure Time with Finn and Jake lately <3
Such a creative and well made cartoon!

What time is it??

It's Adventure Time!!!  :D

Monday, September 26, 2011

Library Posters

This summer, I was working full time at Zayed University's library. One of my assignment was to create some new reminder posters for the students about rules around the library. Using Illustator I made these two posters.

I also made some more of these signs becuase it was fun, But they all got rejected since they are not "professional enough for univeristy use"  ..*Crys* :(

Fabric Paint Experiment

One day I saw some fabric paint bottles in the supermarket, and I got a bit curious to try it out so I got some. On a plain t-shirt, I started painting as if it's canvas paper. It is a bit different, but was a lot of fun to do lol.

And of course every now and then I get attacked by Sawafii (my nephew) <3

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The La Mode Emirati Project

Last semester, two girls from Zayed University were preparing their graduation project which was called La Mode Emirati. It was basiclly a website that highlights local fashion talents around the UAE and showcases some of their work on the site. However, they needed someone to do a casual collection of t-shirts. My profession Dr.Connie told them that I design and might be able to help. So I made a small collection, and I have to say, it is not as easy as it looks.
This is the website they made:

These are some of the designs I made....

Also, we had to showcase these designs in the university in booths. This is me with Dr.Connie..

Booklet and New Logo

My old logo has my name "Zayed" on it, and to be honest I didn't like that much after a while. So i decided to make a new more professinal looking one with my nickname instead.

I was playing around trying to make a little booklet/portofolio handout that I can give to people if they needed to see samples of my work, and I came up with this.. Which I didn't use afterwards because I thought it looked too childish lol.

My World My Rules 2010 Competition

At Zayed University we have this annual competition called "My World, My Rules", And what's cool about it is that you get to reflect the university's honor code but in a creative way. There are 4 categories (short movie, poem, short story, or a comic). I made and entry and submitted it, and to my surprise I actually won the first place with it which was so unexpected lol.

I was taken to ZU dubai and rewarded with a trophy and a 1000 Dhs gift card to speand in Emirates Mall.

First Logo Competition

The university sent an e-mail about a logo competition. The competition was for a campaign about personal finance awareness and money spending, mainly trageted to young adults. It was the first time I try to create a professional logo using Illustrator.My logo wasn't even in the top 5.. but the experience was worth the time.

And This is a poster design with the logo..

A Birthday Card

The birthday of a dear friend was getthing close, and I didn't know what kind of card to get him. I used to call him Porky (his favorite cartoon character) and he calls me Chicken. So I decided to draw him a birthday card with both Porky and Chicken. Of course the one posted here was edited a little using Photoshop.